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Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Pelvic Health physiotherapy is a proven effective treatment for a wide range of conditions and can help you lead a fuller life. Our specialist physiotherapist treats all areas of pelvic health - from obstetrics and gynaecology to men’s health and paediatrics.


Whether you are suffering from pregnancy-related musculoskeletal problems such as back pain and pelvic girdle pain, or you're struggling with bladder, bowel and pelvic floor dysfunction, or require assistance to deal with incontinence, constipation, pelvic pain or prolapse, get in touch for more information about how we can work together to get you feeling better.

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We now offer a full postnatal review service - a full MOT for your postnatal body. The following postnatal specific problems can be addressed: - abdominal retraining for rectus divarication (separation of abdominal muscles) including following a C-Section delivery - treatment for any pain post pregnancy, including back, neck and pelvic pain ​- practical advice relating to feeding positions and carrying your baby - pelvic floor re-education (treatment for incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain or following perineal trauma during delivery) ​- individualised and safe ‘return to exercise’ programmes and Postnatal Pilates

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Our specialist menopause management service includes: - lifestyle management advice and education to help you navigate all aspects of your menopause more easily and understand the changes to your body - advice on the crucial role of exercise in menopause, including creation of an exercise prescription specifically for you - treatment of any bowel, bladder or pelvic issues which can be related to menopause (including vaginal pain, urinary or bowel incontinence, urinary or bowel frequency) - bowel and bladder prolapse treatment and management - sleep management advice -education and advice to manage osteoporosis/osteopenia (including lifestyle management and specific exercises for osteoporosis)

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Safe and effective rehabilitation before and after prostate surgery: ​ - male pelvic floor dysfunction, including any pain in and around the pelvis ​- incontinence (bowel and bladder) - constipation - ​safe and effective rehabilitation following prostate surgery

Our specialist antenatal pelvic health service includes: - ​advice and treatment for any pain in pregnancy, including back, neck, rib and pelvic girdle pain (including sacroiliac or symphysis pubis /SPD). ​ - treatment of nerve problems such as Sciatica and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (pain, pins and needles or numbness in the hands) - pelvic floor exercises and training, to prevent and treat incontinence - Pregnancy Pilates - Pregnancy Massage

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Our pelvic health service for bowel or bladder incontinence includes: - assessment of your current problem, including gaining a complete history of your symptoms, and assessment of your pelvic floor muscle function - providing you with an individualised treatment programme including advice and education about why you have these symptoms and how to reduce them in your daily life - explanation re how to do a correct pelvic floor squeeze along with a personalised pelvic floor strengthening exercise programme - help and advice with regular reviews to help you along your journey to better bladder/bowel control - advice re how to start or maintain a general exercise programme (eg running or cycling) whilst undergoing treatment for bladder or bowel Incontinence

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Our pelvic health service for prolapse management includes: - full assessment of your prolapse and the difficulties you experience day-to-day - education on why you have these symptoms and advice on how to reduce them in your daily life - personalised pelvic floor strengthening programme prescription - information about other effective treatments for prolapse management - regular reviews to modify and progress your treatment programme as required


Our specialist service for pelvic pain includes: - full assessment of your current symptoms plus the treatment journey you have had so far - advice and education about why you have these symptoms and how to reduce them in your daily life - prescription of a personalised treatment and management programme - regular reviews to help you feel your best We regularly treat patients suffering from vulvodynia, vaginismus, pudendal nerve pain and non-specific complex pelvic pain. If you are unsure as to whether your particular pain can be treated please contact the clinic. Our specialist pelvic health physiotherapist, Alison Middleton, will then contact you to discuss.

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Children may experience difficulty with toilet training, day-time or night-time wetting and/or constipation. Younger children are more affected than older but problems can occur at any age. The emotional impact of these symptoms at any age is significant and managing the symptoms can be incredibly stressful for the child/young person and their parents. Our Pelvic Health Specialist Physiotherapist can thoroughly assess the problem and help your child/young person and their parents understand more about the problem and how it can be treated.

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