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Remedial & Sports Massage

A massage therapy appointment at icpc health can help with neck pain, bsck pain, repetitive strain injury, sports injuries, stress and tension headaches

Massage therapy encourages better tissue health and repair by increasing blood circulation and essential nutrients to the area.  Treatment also helps boost the immune system, eases muscle tension and promotes relaxation. This can help with pain management, movement, sleep and stress levels. 


Remedial and sports massage is not just a treatment for athletes or 'weekend warriors'. Many patients are office workers who sit for long periods, and people with busy work and home lives - all of which can lead to tension, pain, and poor movement habits.  It can help with back pain, neck pain, repetitive strain injury, sports injuries, stress, tension headaches and more. 

We take a full consultation & medical history to ensure it is safe to proceed and to determine which treatment will be best suited to you to meet your individual needs.

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