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It's no secret that our food choices affect our health - and certain health conditions require more specific nutritional guidance.  Our Dietetics service offers patients dietary consultations and actionable advice for a wide range of conditions.  As well as treatment for a variety of dietary conditions, advice to help prevent injury and maintain good health is also available.


Making a Healthy Meal

Assessment, advice and support packages to achieve your target.

Nutritional Cooking



Practical advice to help meet guidelines for good health.

Happy Woman




Includes nutrition for bone health and weight management.

Running Couple

Sports Nutrition

Advice for all types of sport, adults and children of all ages and abilities, including: eating well for training, pre-race carbohydrate loading for endurance sports, weight management support whilst maintaining performance, race/event nutrition strategy, recovery enhancement, and prevention of injury.

Fresh Ingredients

Nutrition for


Iron Deficiency


Includes assessment of dietary iron and advice on meeting requirements.

Glass of Milk

Nutrition for


Bone Health

Includes a calcium assessment and Vitamin D advice.

Oats with toppings

Nutrition for


Bowel Health

Includes advice on IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and constipation.

Healthy food

Paediatric Nutrition

Advice on constipation, cow milk allergy, healthy eating and weight management.

Healthy Cooking

Nutrition for Diabetes

Dietary advice to help with weight management in Type 2 Diabetes.



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