The dietetics service at ICPC Health can assist in sports nutrition, weight management, nutrition for menopause, bone health and diabetese


It's no secret that our food choices affect our health - and certain health conditions require more specific nutritional guidance.


The icpc Health Dietetics service offers patients dietary consultations and actionable advice for a wide range of conditions.


All consultations can be carried out online or in person.


As well as treatment for a variety of dietary conditions, advice to help prevent injury and maintain good health is also available.


Read on for an overview of some of our most sought after services and contact us for more information or to book an appointment.


a sports nutrition service can improve race performance

Sports Nutrition

Advice for all types of sport, adults and children of all ages and abilities.

Weight Management

Nutrition for



Nutrition for


Bone Health




Nutrition for


Iron Deficiency


Healthy Eating

Nutrition for


Bowel Health

Paediatric Nutrition


As a busy parent, working full time but also trying within limited training time to compete in cycling time trials, Grace was able to quickly analyse the changes I needed to make.

Grace’s practical approach meant that the plan was flexible enough to provide variety.

My main need was to reduce to a race weight that didn’t put limitations on my power and speed during races and two months in, the gradual but consistent losses have ensured that I am still riding strongly and on track to reach an optimum race weight later this summer.


Well worth the time invested and can only commend Grace’s approach.

MALCOLM, june 2021

grace chau dietitian.png


Grace Chau has over 15 years experience working with both adults and children within the NHS.

Grace is passionate about nutrition for sport and exercise.


She is keen to help all ages and abilities from top amateur athletes to anyone working to improve their health through exercise and healthy eating.



Sports Nutrition:

advice for all types of sport, adults and children of all ages and abilities, including: eating well for training, pre-race carbohydrate loading for endurance sports, weight management support whilst maintaining performance, race/event nutrition strategy, recovery enhancement, and prevention of injury.

Weight Management: assessment, advice and support packages to achieve your target.

Nutrition for Diabetes: dietary advice to help with weight management in Type 2 Diabetes.

Nutrition for Bone Health includes a calcium assessment and Vitamin D advice.

Menopause Management includes nutrition for bone health and weight management.

Nutrition for Iron Deficiency Anaemia includes assessment of dietary iron and advice on meeting requirements.

Nutrition for Bowel Health includes advice on IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and constipation.

Paediatric Nutrition: advice on constipation, cow milk allergy, healthy eating and weight management.

Healthy Eating: practical advice to help meet guidelines for good health.