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The Podiatry team are proud to provide a dedicated minor surgery clinic to treat ingrown or damaged toenails, as well as verruca and viral warts. All treatments are evidence-based and carried out in a relaxed, welcoming environment to the highest standards of care. 


Kevin Cole, our surgical team lead, has a wealth of minor surgical experience in clinical practice and education.  Kevin has held academic positions at three universities, was responsible for the surgical education of the students and previously delivered minor foot surgery at Inverurie surgical clinic.


A minor surgical procedure in-clinic to remove ingrown or damaged toe-nails. The safe and effective procedure is carried out using local anaesthetic and can be used to remove or resect all of the nail (total nail avulsion) or part of the nail (partial nail avulsion). The nail can be removed permanently or allowed to regrow if desired.

A minor procedure known as ‘needling’ to remove viral warts (verrucae) from any part of the foot.  This procedure is carried out safely and painlessly - with no scarring - using local anaesthetic to numb the lesion or the foot.

SWIFT Verruca 

Verruca Removal - Needling

Nail Surgery

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