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Our Podiatry team provides expert care, diagnosis and treatment of a range of foot and ankle disorders, musculoskeletal conditions and injuries for adults and children, including routine foot care,  orthotics, minor surgery , and actively preventing diseases of the foot.  All treatments are carried out in a relaxed, welcoming environment with the highest standards of care. 


Routine Footcare

This can include the treatment of corns and calluses, trimming or cutting nails and hygienic / preventive maintenance of the feet.


Musculoskeletal Injuries

Focusing on muscular and orthopaedic complaints affecting the foot and lower limb. We treat and prevent foot and ankle injuries such as Achilles tendon problems, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, sprain and strains.


Orthotics and Insoles

A properly fitted insole redistribute the pressure on foot joints while standing, walking or running to reduce pain. Helpful in managing knee, hip and spine deformities, high-arched feet and rheumatoid arthritis.


Minor Surgery Clinic

We provide a dedicated minor surgery clinic to treat ingrown / damaged toenails, as well as verrucae / viral warts using local anaesthetic.

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