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Overactive Bladder

Hugging a Pillow

Do you feel like you have to empty your bladder a lot in the day or through the night?


Do you get a sense of urgency that makes you want to go to the loo right away without the ability to hold on?


Have you ever been diagnosed with an overactive bladder?  Our Pelvic Health Specialist can:


  • fully assess your bladder problems, including gaining a complete history of your symptoms and assessment of your pelvic floor muscle function as these play a crucial role in achieving your optimal bowel and bladder function

  • provide you with an individualised treatment programme including advice and education about why you have these symptoms and how to reduce them in your daily life. For an overactive bladder this usually involves bladder retraining which is an evidence based treatment approach for overactive bladders.

  • explain how to do a correct pelvic floor squeeze along with a personalised pelvic floor strengthening exercise programme

  • offer help and advice with regular reviews to help you along your journey to better bladder/bowel control

  • give advice re how to start or maintain a general exercise programme (eg running or cycling) whilst undergoing treatment for bladder or bowel incontinence

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