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Ros Riungu Aberdeenshire Podiatrist_edited.jpg

Specialties: nail surgery, podiatry for diabetes & rheumatology, nail reconstruction.

A graduate of Glasgow School of Podiatry in 1986, Ros has over 30 years’ experience. Initially with the NHS in London, she developed a comprehensive range of specialist skills. While Clinical Lead at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, she led the establishment of Podiatry Services for Diabetes, Rheumatology and other high-risk conditions. A keen innovator, Ros was appointed Professional Advisor to the NHS Trust for Westminster. There she developed a service that was focused on patients’ needs and circumstance. Ros returned to Scotland in 2000 and went into private practice.​Ros holds an Adult Education qualification and has provided training for podiatry students and footcare assistants. Her passion for treating the person as a whole, rather than individual symptoms, has led her to develop close partnerships with other medical specialists to deliver lasting benefits. 

Ros Riungu - Podiatrist DPodM, MRCPod

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