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Having practiced yoga since 2011, Elle decided to explore Yoga teacher training in 2019.

"My practice had evolved into a moving meditation, helping me stay present.  It allowed my head to connect with my heart and assess what was going on internally. It felt like an inner counsellor that I could turn to when I felt fraught and replace angst with peace.

I've found Yoga to be a well-rounded package of self-care. Breathing techniques, asana, meditation and yogic philosophy have allowed me to develop self-awareness both on and off the mat and have had a profound effect on both my mental and physical health.

My special interest is in working with the more esoteric aspects of energy. I currently teach dynamic Hatha with heavy tantra inspiration and yin yoga, which is a beautiful, passive practice with deep introspection".

Elle is currently continuing her studies to become a Yoga Therapist. 

Elle Cochrane - Yoga Teacher 

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