Pilates Work Out


The icpc Health physiotherapists leading our popular Pilates classes have been trained by the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute.


Pilates is an exercise system which:

  • activates the postural muscles

  • challenges control, balance, coordination and strength

  • targets mobility and flexibility

  • can be performed at various degrees of difficulty

  • is a safe form of exercise for most people due to the flowing, controlled movements


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Pilates Work Out

Public Classes
(Beginner - Advanced)

Pilates Workout

The Pilates Reformer

Girls at a Gym

Targeted Pilates for Sports Clubs

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Pilates in the Workplace

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I have been going to Pilates for a number of years and since lockdown in March 2020 have been able to continue Pilates online which is great. I really appreciate the way the clinic has taken Pilates on line offering a variety of classes and times. You can join at your level as alternatives are given.


Thank you, it's a great service."

NOEL, february 2021


Public Classes:

We hold regular public classes from Beginner to Advanced levels every Monday to Friday with daytime and evening availability. See our timetable here.

If you are pregnant, please contact our reception team on 01467 633 444 before booking.

Targeted Pilates for Sports Clubs:

We offer targeted Pilates for local sports clubs for whom improved body awareness and core stability are integral to performance.

Pilates in the Workplace:

Contact us to learn more about how we can counter the very real bodily stress caused by desk work for your employees.