The icpc Health team offers a wide range of exercise classes suitable for all abilities - including those with mobility issues and chronic health conditions as well as regular exercisers looking to complement their existing routine.

Tai Chi QiGong focuses on the coordination of breath and movement. Its flowing, clearly defined movements are simple to learn and easy to practice.

Stable & Able is a class designed to improve leg strength, balance and posture. It's ideal for older clients looking to stay steadier on their feet and  improve moment confidence.

ABC 60+ (Aerobics and Body Conditioning) is a fun and motivating class, using equipment to improve strength, endurance, flexibility and posture.

See our full class timetable.

*Please be advised that our timetable is currently restricted due government guidelines relating to COVID-19.


"Faye's Qi Gong Class is 30 minutes of movement and breathing work that really helps the body to de-stress in these turbulent times. Faye is a brilliant teacher and has a lovely calming voice. Highly Recommended."

Dr Melanie Jones PhD


Faye Webster graduated in Sports & Exercise Science and has delivered group exercise for 18 years now.


It is a real passion of hers to see participants improve their health, well-being, fitness or sports performance.


She believes exercise should be for everyone, and providing appropriate opportunities is the key.