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Angela Wilkin - Mindfulness Teacher MBSR Teacher

Angela is an accredited Mindfulness teacher in the MBSR (Mindful Based Stress Reduction) programme and is also trained to teach the .b Mindfulness Curriculum in schools. Prior to this she ran her own company and found life becoming increasingly more stressful and frantic. She started to practice mindfulness and began to see the positive benefits in her own life resulting in improved business and personal relationships as well as being more productive, focused and having lower stress levels. She decided to become a teacher and her new business has gone from strength to strength. Angela regularly teaches Mindfulness in the workplace, hosts retreats, workshops, mindfulness meditation classes, and delivers mindfulness programmes in schools. Out of work Angela likes to be outdoors and enjoys walking, cycling, sea kayaking and skiing. When not outdoors she loves to get creative in the kitchen and have her friends round for dinner.

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